Robin Courant


I am a PhD student in Computer Vision, affiliated with the VISTA team (previously GeoViC) at LIX, Ecole Polytechnique, under the supervision of Vicky Kalogeiton and Marc Christie. Previously, I was a research engineer in the VirtUs team at INRIA mentored by Marc Christie. I also completed an end-of-study internship in the VISTA team at LIX, supervised by Vicky Kalogeiton, Marc Christie, and Christophe Lino. I hold a Master’s in Mathematical and Computational Engineering from IMT Atlantique.

My research interests include computer vision, deep learning, and cinematography in two axes: extracting cinematic features and generating cinematic content.


Jul 9, 2023 I attended to ICVSS 2023!
Dec 22, 2022 Honored that our paper received the best student honorable award at ACCV 2022!
Nov 1, 2022 I have started my PhD in the VISTA team at Ecole Polytechnique!
Nov 1, 2021 I have joined the VirtUs team at INRIA!
Oct 18, 2021 Happy that our paper received the best paper award at the CVEU ICCV-W 2021!



  1. thumbnail_blunf.png
    BluNF: Blueprint Neural Field
    Robin Courant*, Xi Wang*, Marc Christie, and Vicky Kalogeiton
    In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International on Conference of Computer Vision (ICCV) Workshops, 2023
  2. thumbnail_jaws.png
    JAWS: Just A Wild Shot for Cinematic Transfer in Neural Radiance Fields
    Xi Wang*, Robin Courant*, Jinglei Shi, Eric Marchand, and Marc Christie
    In Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2023
  3. thumbnail_mldb.png
    Transformers and Visual Transformers
    Robin Courant, Maika Edberg, Nicolas Dufour, and Vicky Kalogeiton
    In Machine Learning for Brain Disorders, 2023


  1. thumbnail_funnynet.png
    FunnyNet: Audiovisual Learning of Funny Moments in Videos
    Zhisong Liu*, Robin Courant*, and Vicky Kalogeiton
    In Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), 2022
    [Oral] [Best student honorable award]
  2. thumbnail_motion.png
    Smart Motion Trails for Animating in VR
    Jean-Baptiste Bordier, Anthony Mirabile, Robin Courant, and Marc Christie
    In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR), 2022


  1. thumbnail_features.jpg
    High-level features for movie style understanding
    Robin Courant, Christophe Lino, Marc Christie, and Vicky Kalogeiton
    In Conference on International Conference of Computer Vision Workshop for Creative Video Editing and Understanding (ICCV-W), 2021
    [Best paper award]


Awards Reviewer
  • 2023: CVIU, ICCV, ICCV-W (AI3DCC, CVEU), NeuNet, WICED
  • 2022: ACCV, CVIU, ECCV-W (CVEU)